When you have made the right decision and listed with us, here are a multitude of marketing items we accomplish to get your house sold as quickly as possible:


-Pictures, lots of pictures!  As they say, the more the merrier  Pictures speak volumes, so have your house staged (we can do that too!!), uncluttered and ready for potential buyers.


-We have a sensational and experienced videographer that works with us.  He has a keen eye and shoots a video that Hollywood would love!


-Your listing is fed to at least 70 different websites (Zillow, Homes.com, Realtor.com, etc.).  The majority of buyers are looking on websites, so that is why we take advantage of this opportunity to supply your listing to each of them.  


-We set up a REALTOR® open house within a week of listing your house.  This gives all the Realtors in our area a chance to preview and make suggestions and comments on your house.  This also gives them a great opportunity to understand the layout of your house, the neighborhood, etc. and if they feel it is a house that fits their buyer’s needs, your listing information is sent to them.


-A public open house is usually scheduled within the first two weeks of listing.  This gives the public a chance to preview your house. Don’t worry, we are there to talk to potential buyers, show them around and screen them to see if they are qualified to purchase.


-Social media is a great way to showcase your house.  We do tons of advertising on Facebook, so you will get great exposure when your house is listed with us.


-A beautiful ad will be featured in the local Real Estate Journal.


-We send postcards to your neighbors letting them know your house is for sale.  You never know, they may have a friend or family member who may be interested.


Plus…a great deal more that is tailored for each individual home sale in Central New York State. Give us a call today at 607-898-3456.